These sessions provide the perfect opportunity to look at some of the key mental skills required to succeed in elite sport. We will look at how we mentally prime for sessions and matches, and how we debrief and rationalise positive and negative experiences. We also look at goal setting and how this helps to keep us focused and driven in our training and other areas of importance. These sessions will not only benefit the athlete on the pitch but also off it.


This package will include the following:

  • 3 x One Hour Mentoring Sessions (Online)

  • 3 x One Hour ‘1-2-1’ Pitch Sessions at either one of our hubs or at a location that suits the athlete (pitch dependent).

    • Sessions will look at technical skills in-depth and create drills that allow the athlete to put them into game-like practices.

    • Sessions will focus on key areas and will help the athlete feel like they are making real and positive progress.

  • Individualised Training Support

    • The athlete shapes the specific physical areas he/she wishes to improve. The athlete receives a questionnaire which will help them work out areas they believe are strengths and areas that are not so strong.

    • The athlete also receives advice and support in managing workload so they can perform to the level they want, reducing risk of overtraining.

  • Video Analysis of Technical Session

    • Breaking down a specific skill the athlete wants to improve.

    • Option for the athlete to have their own game footage analysed, allowing further insight for development.

  • Nutritional Support

    • Receive tips and advice around your nutrition to aid your performance.

  • Give & Go Hoodie. Everyone loves stash! Athletes will receive a hoodie as part of the Journey.

  • End of Block Report

    • Review skills worked on and future target areas. Constructive feedback and support, helping the athlete develop considerably.