The Silver Journey

In these sessions we start to explore the mental skills of elite sport. We look at how they will help the athlete on the pitch, and also how they can transfer these skills to areas off it. This package will include the following:

  • 2 x One Hour Mentoring Sessions (Online)

  • 2 x One Hour ‘1-2-1’ Pitch Sessions at either one of our hubs or at a location that suits the athlete (pitch dependent)

    • Sessions will look at technical skills in-depth and create drills that allow the athlete to put them into game-like practices.

  • Individualised Training Support

    • Improving specific physical areas as well as offering support in managing player load to avoid overtraining.

  • Video Analysis of Technical Sessions

    • Breaking down a specific skill the athlete wants to improve.

  • End of Block Report.

    • Review skills worked on and future target areas. Constructive feedback and support which will help the athlete develop considerably.