These are the beliefs that underpin and drive the environment at Give & Go.

1. The power of kindness

We believe strongly in the power of kindness. Acts of kindness are simple, they don’t take any skill. They make people feel good, and are mother nature’s way of looking out for each other. Being kind helps create connections and friendships between us. 


If we all showed one act of kindness each day, just imagine the world we would live in. By showing kindness to someone else it improves their day and has the amazing effect of encouraging that person to show kindness as well. Before you know it, there's a domino effect, and your single act of kindness has travelled a long way.


Give & Go believes that by showing simple acts of kindness in how we talk to each other is a fundamental tool in developing our self-belief and confidence. This is key to everything we are trying to achieve and develop within each athlete. 

2. The whole is greater than the player

Everyone is unique and different. We shouldn’t all be treated the same, as this won’t get the best out of each person. To feel truly valued we must be treated as individuals. To get the best out of someone, it’s so important to think about the person as a whole and not just see them as a hockey player. Finding out who they are? What drives them? What they value? What they enjoy and what they don’t enjoy? Once we know this, then we can truly achieve something fantastic. We all have our own unique characteristics. So we should embrace them.


At Give & Go the environment we create allows for each individual to be supported and feel valued. This is our bit of “magic dust”, it creates a desire to be better and improve, driving self-belief and confidence.

3. Our greatest area of growth lies in our strengths

When we look at the top athletes, its often easy to spot what their super-strengths are. They stand out from the crowd, it’s what makes them unique and who they are. So many of today’s young athletes are told to focus on their weaknesses, as that is where they can grow and improve. But we then become blind to the fact that our greatest area for growth lies within our strengths. It is our strengths that make us special and different. We all have them.


Sometimes it is quite hard to know what our strengths might be, but at Give & Go we want to help the athlete recognise these. We want to make them into super-strengths, the things that make you distinctive. These then become part of our identity and who we are.

4. Creating small positive habits can have a big lasting impact

Sport is all about the fine margins, the little 1% that makes us that little bit better. If there's one lesson we have learnt through playing 'elite' sport it is that good habits are everything. They are the wheels that keep us on track and move us in a positive direction. These habits don’t have to be massive; they can be something small. But aligning as many of these positive habits as possible can have a big lasting impact in all we do. 


Habits come from consistent behaviour, developed over time. Give & Go is about creating a positive environment that allows these good habits to be recognised and prosper; this is what makes us unique. 

5. Enjoy the ride

Every journey is different and that is part and parcel of sport. The sooner we feel comfortable with that, the more positive and fulfilling the journey will be. Every one of us will experience setbacks at different points. When challenges arise, how we face them and deal with them is often what defines the next moment. 


At Give & Go we believe we can develop our mental skills and resilience to deal with these tough moments. There will be bumps along the way. But enjoy the journey. Face the challenges head on and know that we are here to help support and equip you through those tough moments.